Lumaire products in Greece

Lumaire is designed for businesses to increase their visual appeal to their clients.

Graphics, prints and posters come alive when laid on a standard opal acrylic sheet thanks to the elegant design of Lumaire. The technology behind Lumaire benefits from having a display sheet of acrylic placed onto it. The LED panels enhances the light emittance and renders the light output nearly double than what competition has to offer.

Lumaire’s elegant design makes it slimmer while reducing its weight, which in turn makes it easier to install with less raw materials.

Lumaire Magnetic stand alone panels

With the new magnetic system, displaying and managing posters or other appealing designs becomes easier on a daily basis. Lumaire brings the future to you today with its slim, charming and low-power displays. The revolutionary panels come in standard or custom sizes, depending on your needs.

Like no other product before it, Lumaire really has to be seen to be believed



Lumaire is a unique product like no other in the market. Lumaire products feature characteristics that really make a difference when used for signage or brand promotion.

Exceptionally slim

The magnetic light panel is only 15mm thick and basic panel is only 8mm thick.

Highly customizable

Every possible variation of light panel size up to 2450 x 1250 mm overall dimensions with either one-sided or double-sided lighting, bent or flat acrylic sheet.

Extremely bright

Up to 11000 lux on the light panel’s surface depending on size.


A great number of different possible applications of the light panel, starting with signage and ending with interior lighting solutions

Low power consumption

Maximum size light panel (2450 x 1250mm) with double-sided lighting and ~5000lux on the surface consumes only 100 watts.


Lumaire Products

Lumaire product range includes Lumaire Basic with ultra thin design, Lumaire Magnetic an one step backlight lighting design, Lumaire Opal with acrylic lighting sheets and Lumaire Textile with dye sublimation fabric printings. Click on each category for more information.

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